Thursday, 5 September 2013

Dear Mr Wrong

Dear Mr Wrong
Why did you do it?
Why did you cut me to the core,
Drip vital blood to the floor,
Break my heart, as trivial as it sounds,
Crushed into a thousand pieces on the ground.

Dear Mr Wrong
Did you know the power of you actions?
When you inflicted wounds too deep,
Never to heal, ever to weep,
Watch the skin knit back together,
Deep down still bleeding forever.

Dear Mr Wrong
I must bitterly thank you!
Thank you for giving me back myself,
I may not have fast cars, fashion or wealth,
But I am me, on centre stage,
And not the wall flower you put in a gilded cage.

Dear Mr Wrong
Did you ever know?
How I fantasised about,
Coming to your house in the night,
And blowing up your computer,
And with a big knife I’d neuter…

Probably not
Or you would have called the police.

Dear Mr Wrong
What went wrong?
Was it the spark, the sex or the friendship that left us first?
Were your regrets the worst?
That this monster you had grown,
Had a mind of her own?

Dear Mr Wrong
Do you ever miss me?
Think of me?
Wish you could give me a call?
Because I don’t miss you at all.

S J Menary

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