Thursday, 22 August 2013

Challenge 3 – Lost love

This week’s challenge involved writing a rhyming poem. Love them or loathe them, people love to argue about whether or not poems should rhyme! I don’t usually write poems that are specifically designed to rhyme, so this one was tricky! With the aid of a good rhyming dictionary, I wrote this piece which I think came out alright in the end.

The inspiration for this one has come from a variety of sources. I think it is a subject that touches us all at one stage or another in our lives:

‘It had been six months since she died,
And it didn’t matter how hard he tried,
He just couldn’t get Mary out of his mind,
Plagued by the feeling he’s been left behind.

He still heard her favourite song,
Playing all night long,
To Kalamazoo they swayed,
Dancing down Leamington Parade.

But she was gone now,
And he couldn’t understand how,
He could ever sleep again,
Without her in his arms’ domain.

He wanted to hold her tight,
Squeezed with all his might,
But all he touched was cold hard air,
And the bitterness of knowing she wasn’t there.

Christmas came and went,
With friends and sons and money spent,
And he found himself staring,
Hoping, wishing, daring…

In Hamleys window there she sat,
With a bow round her neck just like that,
Crimson shimmer, Mary’s favourite colour,
And it made his heart grow fuller.

He paid the clerk and took her home,
Soft and warm and no longer alone,
He laid her flaxen head upon his bed,
And snuggled up behind her furry head.

Holding teddy close and still,
He whispered ‘Mary, darling, I love you and I always will.’’

S J Menary

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