Monday, 12 August 2013

Challenge 1: Mundane flash fiction

Regular readers of this blog will realise, fairly swiftly, that my writing tends towards the darker, more melodramatic elements of the human condition.

As a result, my fellow writers challenged me to write a piece of flash fiction that was definately NOT dark, magic, or melodramtic. I must admit, I was fairly certain the end result would be mind-numbingly mundane. I think this is precisely why I FAILED!  However, I was quite happy with the result. See for yourself:

‘You would never have guessed that the electric carver he was using to cut her kebab had been used to stab Big Al on Saturday night.
She waited for him to put the slightly stained implement down, and hand her the brown paper bag.
            ‘Three fifty, love.’
            ‘Ta, bab.’
Walking the short distance to the post box, she put the bag on top. She slipped her letter into an envelope. She had told him about what happened. About the unfortunate fact that Big Al’s spleen had been found in the guttering. It was a shame it had happened at 3:30. The Headmaster across the road was furious. Apparently blood spatter in the window of Bilton Chippy was less than conducive to learning. 
Sealing the envelope with a kiss, she printed the address on the front.
            ‘HMP Onley,
            Serious Offenders Unit,
That will make him smile, she thought to herself as she popped it in the box.’

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