Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Happy campers

Be happy?
Red lights flashing
Her insipid bingo voice
Calling calling calling
Dear god please shut up
That screaming brat

Be happy
Holiday internment camp
For the mentally deranged
You must have fun!!
Useless parents
Neglecting volume-challenged kids

Be happy!
I beg you
No more birdy songs
In overly amped up
HAPPY dance rooms

Be happy!!
Propagandists demand it!
Blue shirts smiling frantically
Desperate for your approval

Or we are all doomed
To be fed to the corporate monsters
Gnawing rancid dumpster mouths
Snapping for their tea

Be happy…
Sit in your caravan and fear
Because they are coming for you
With fake smiles
And tourist information leaflets…
S J Menary

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