Wednesday, 26 March 2014

NEW BOOK REVIEW: Divinity: The Gathering by Susan Reid

Divinity: The Gathering by Susan Reid is an imaginative dark fantasy, weaving elements of religious theology with the current on-trend fantasy genre.

Telling the story of student Star, the book creates an epic tapestry of worlds clashing together, with the dramatic feel of biblical end of the world literature.

Drawing parallels between climatic events such as hurricane Katrina, Reid takes the reader on a journey that merges the fictional world with reality, and creates a thought-provoking and unique setting for Star’s destiny to unfold. Surrounded by deceptive angels and dangerous demons, the novel features repentant fallen angels with dark desires, and rigid dogma dictating rules that Star must evade.

A great read for fans of dark romance and gothic horror, especially the evocative descriptions of the omnipresent Morning Star’s realm. Looking forward to the sequel, Divinity: Transcendence.  

S J Menary

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