Monday, 10 February 2014


Azyea’s Gifts
Written and illustrated by Amanda Holden

Azyea’s Gifts is a very sweet children’s book written and illustrated by Amanda Holden.

It follows Azyea, a little girl who is struggling to find the perfect gift for her mother on Mother’s day.

The story is well written and full of character, with a heart-warming ending and a pleasant message that it is the ‘thought that counts’ when giving presents.

The illustrations are charming, and full of energy. They echo the theme of the story, and really add to the feel of the book. They are as much a part of the story as the words, and the colours and media of the drawing compliment the innocent nature of the story.

A lovey short read for young children, and an excellent book for reading together. A nice read for boys and girls, but best suited for the under five's or very early readers.


Review by S J Menary

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