Friday, 7 June 2013


My dreams fore sore
The night before
That I was alone

My castle is not my own
The trees and fields
Are not my home

Devils in dresses
And daemons at Masses

If the world’s a stage
And us upon it players
Then the world is ending
And we fall with it

The bodies will tumble
Into ditches and divots

Horsemen clutching at your heels
But you will never see it

In the Hollywood Reels
That sell sex, starvation,
And rock n roll,
Gucci, Prada, Maripol

Prince Charming will not
Slay the dragons
Or climb the tower
To rescue you

He’s too busy at home
Playing Call of Duty 2
Fake heroes
For an imaginary war
When North Korea
Comes knocking at your door

We, the deluded ones
Fake hair, fake bodies, fake guns
Crying out for someone to save us
When the time comes

The have forsaken us
The brave ones

So pray to your God of science
Of hate, of injustice
As the missiles come to burn us

Sincerity is out of fashion.
The world is falling
And we fall with it.

SJ Menary

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