Monday, 24 June 2013

A book of contrasts

Book review

Empyreal Illusions by Jake Bonsignore (book one of the Inferno Unleashed series)

Jake Bonsignore has diligently created a world that blends mythologies together and creates new ones. His ideas are innovative and imaginative, and the imagery within this book is beautifully vivid.

The protagonist is a convincingly cynical 14 year old girl by the name of Breena Taljain, who is a down on her luck miscreant living in a broken, drug addicted city. In Breena’s town, you are either a junkie, or being beaten up by one. She is left despairing of life, forced to grow up too soon.

When a traumatic event destroys her body, she is thrust into a heady drug-induced coma world. Here, she discovers an amazing paradise where her dreams can come true.

But there is a darker side to this perfect world, and it won’t rest until it finds her.

In contrast to his main character, Bonsignore introduces us to Galbrecht Atalir, a drunkard doctor with a secret past.

In the search for his own redemption, Galbrecht inflicts horrific violence against the regime of the shadowy Patriarch. Bonsignore does not shy away from these graphic depictions. Indeed, this is some of his most evocative work. 

This debut epic fantasy creates horror and splendour in equal measure, contrasting fantasy and reality until the reader no longer realises which is which. Bonsignore leaves his readers asking ‘what happens next?’

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