Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The point...

I’m sure many writers sat down over Christmas with the noble intention to chain themselves to their writing desk and produce a masterpiece.

I had such an aspiration.

However, between the mountains of chocolate, copious bottles of booze and the kind of TV that rots a person’s brain from the inside out, I found myself with only one day of holiday left.

One chapter of my novel still to write. Not enough jelly babies and coke in all the world to drive that all-nighter….


I am not a person easily dissuaded by ‘the hard way’. In fact, some days, I am sure I go out of my way looking for the most difficult way to do the most routine tasks.

So, I sat myself down in front of said TV, and thought about how I was going to finish my novel. I am a great believer in thinking. Not about important things, like thinking before you speak, or thinking about how to figure out a mathematical equation. No. I think about how best to rescue intrepid heroes from pirates, bandits and dragons.

The important things in life.

Several hours later, and only once the Five afternoon movie was over, I did indeed chain myself to my writing desk. Surrounded by jelly babies. Hmmmm…jelly babies….

And then something magical happened. As the sun set over smoggy Rugby, and the people began returning home from work, a sudden wave of inspiration hit.

There is nothing quite like the golden groove you hit when you find the rhythm of the story, and the characters flow along with you. The book pretty much writes itself at that point.

Which brings me back to my point. After 12 years of long, hard procrastination, I can finally say that the last word, of the last page, of my grand novel, is done!!

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