Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Blood Gate

After 12 years, and much procrastination, I can finally reveal this excerpt from my novel, The Blood Gate. It is only a second draft, so please feel free to add commentary on how it can be improved:

Chapter 1

I never thought I’d be standing on the very edge of hell. The jagged cavern beneath me, monstrous waves churning within it.
There was a time when I thought I’d never care about anything or anyone ever again. I was too selfish, too blind to see what I’d become. But now, in the dark and cold, I realise what I must do to protect the ones I love. I have no fear. I’ll be redeemed, of that I’m sure.
The air is clammy, almost wet. I stand on the precipice above the massive crack in the rock. Freezing air shrieks as it rushes out, swirling around me.
I have no fear.
The warm sands I know well are so far away. And I am alone. Night is falling. I can smell the sea bashing at the rocks below. The brine is so heavy in the air. I can taste the salt at the back of my nose. Pounding on the cliffs. Pounding in my chest.
I wish someone was here with me. Anyone.
I will have no fear.
Breath getting harder. Faster.
I step out. I fall.

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