Friday, 1 February 2013

Harmonious writing

I like to write. That much is obvious. Any anyone else who likes to dabble, be it poetry, an essay, a bit of a story, or just mindless day dreaming, everyone has their own mental stimulation routine (no rude jokes please!).

Some people like to wait for the creative mood to take them. A Bohemian choice, and you could find yourself waiting forever.

Some people approach it like a military exercise, and POWER THROUGH! Scary.

Some people even write on the toilet (you know who you are). Anywhere, any time. Literally.

My method uses a patented blend of highly acidic and chemically mind altering additives, that combine in a cocktail of e-numbers and caffeine stimulants to create a superior state of writing prowess.

Otherwise known as diet coke straight to the veins, and a mouth full of skittles.


Sometimes, if there is a deadline to meet, I have been known to step this regime up a notch, and introduce cold pizza and hard core red bull.

Face to computer screen, ready, steady, let’s GO! Sugar rush!

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